Sunday, November 15, 2009

The storm has passed.

yay it was sunny and 70 today. perfect weather. it will be cold again soon i know it..
So work just sucks so much lately. I have an interview for an insurance sales position and i really hope i like it because i am so over Panera and I just want a new job. one that makes enough money and that gives me a steady schedule and good benefits. I want to be able to support myself as much as i can. wish me luck*
plus so i mentioned how I cut off all contact with Abe.. well now my ex-best friend wants to be my friend again. i granted the request BUT i still am very wary. I don't trust her. I would like to be proven wrong. we'll see where things go from here but i'm very shocked by her even trying to be my friend. one of our mutual friends said it would happen and i thought FAT CHANCE. part of me thinks this is all a bad idea. that i should of kept the severed contact.

but hey, my new motto is to go with the flow and let life happen to me.. so here we go.

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