Monday, May 19, 2008

SO after reading this hilarious article in The Rolling Stone

about evangelicals and modern Christians, I've come to the conclusion that God is definitely not real.

God is a symbol. I experienced close to the same thing as these "born-again" Christians; cleansing their souls and being reborn into a new person. I do it all the time when I'm sick of myself and want to start fresh. God's "miracle" can be achieved by anybody. All you need is the will to change for the better or whatever your motivation is.

I guess some people just need a theology to believe in before they can achieve the feeling.

I'm also not going to vote for McCain, ever, after reading this article.

hahahahaha :)

Free yourself of doubt and danger

Amen to the Spice Girls for their amazing lyrics.

I'm in the midst of rushing to finish reading Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and eating some multi-grain crackers. I'm currently hearing M.I. A.'s single "Paper Planes". I'm still tired form GSA's 20th Anniversary Gala and all the "work" I had to do today instead of hanging out with my amazing boyfriend who I can't stop thinking about. He makes me so happy and I don't want to think about the end.

This coming weekend I will be in NYC with GSA on the annual trip. Then when I get back I'll celebrate one month with Abe. Then my last Spring Concert will commence and I'll bawl my eyes out at GSA Graduation the next week. Just barely feel sorrow at Kellam's graduation the week after and then be set free into summer till I move to Richmond.

Life seems so grand at this moment in my life. I'm the happiest yet.