Sunday, January 25, 2009

Save the Drama for Yo Mama

This blog contains a post that has been engraved in my boyfriend's mind.  Unfortunately. I have debated deleting this blog because of it.. It's caused him emotional damage. He thinks that I was just going to toss him off before I went to college. Its taken several fights over the past month to get rid of his silly little thoughts.. I have no intention of leaving him. I did however reevaluate things before college, but what person doesn't?  I also was terribly upset when he drove off my college campus and I was left alone at college. So it's pretty obvious that I would not have left him..

anywho!  A month of fights between us has ensued and we hope they are gone FOREVER. I honestly have never cried so much in my life.  I think that it has taught us both that we definitely want to be together. So if anyone out there had hopes for us to break up-- BOOYAH! we aren't breaking up. I honestly hope we never break up. He's the best boyfriend, an amazing person, and he's my oso who gives the best oso hugs. :)

Greer has dropped the recent bomb that she is in fact NOT moving to Richmond.  If I am correct- she's been given a piercing apprenticeship at Blue HorseShoe and is going to finally be getting her license and a car.  She finally got herself a computer.  I didn't take her moving news too well. She has communication issues. I think we'll be on the rough for awhile.  Her turn.

I have made a close friend at school. Kelly is a dance major who actually keeps in touch with me.  I like that about her. She moved to California from New York and now is going to school here in Virginia.  Her brother is a dancer as well and her whole family is kick ass enthusiasts for working out.. therefore she is my workout buddy and keeps me motivated.  Go Kelly!

I've decided to live in the dorms next year-- hoping for the one that has double beds!  If I can figure a way to get financial aid to pay for an apartment I will do that instead!  But the big deal about this is that Abe and I decided it was too soon to live together and we were not prepared either ($$$).  I was upset over our decision because I felt we were taking a step back and not forwards.  But I'm trying to listen to my mom's advice that if things were meant to be then we will stay together and in a year will live together like we had planned. I hope you're right mom!

Other than that news.. I am enjoying spring semester much better than fall semester. I like having two or three classes a day not four exhausting dance classes. I do miss dancing very much.  But I'm planning on taking some over spring break hopefully. I was going to visit my dad in florida but I think it's going to fall through. Maybe summer would be a better time to visit so my brothers can come too.