Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Holidays

I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving. I'll be making pumpkin pie and squash casserole. Going to the Uncle's house with all the family and having a great time feasting..

All sounds good, right? It does. It also doesn't.

Abe came with me during the holidays last year. I stayed with him when I came home from school and we went together to my G-G's house. I can feel his absence even more now. I thought cutting out all contact with him would help me get past this. It just really hurts when you love someone and care about them and they change their mind. Someone came in with his sweatshirt on at work yesterday and everything about that sweatshirt from where he bought it to helping him pick it out.. all came back. how warm it is and how much he loved it.. I sound obsessive but i mean when you love someone these are the little things you remember..

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